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Night under the stars! Awesomesauce!

Picnic date! With all these date ideas I'm putting on this board, you'd think I'd have a boyfriend right? Urm no soz

kiddie pool & blankets for date or 4th of july or picnic or whatever

Great list of fun dates!

Dates ideas. Why not do them all? Love how we have done most these cute simple things. Life is good.

Ugh. The grammar/punctuation...but there are some good date ideas

fun date ideas... make a list together of the things to do together and then start checking them off.

50 things to do on a staycation (many are for kids/family activities, but some good ideas here for couples, too)

Relationship Bucket-List

"Who cares for the five star hotel when you can sleep under the million star hotel?" ~Satish Kumar

We have a lot of these. I can't wait for tonight :)

I love to go skinny dipping at night and look up at the stars and if it is a full moon, it is just spectacular. All my flowers in the back yard are so intense looking.

Date night idea. Yup totally doing this when we have those perfect summer nights with some wine or sexy cocktails!!!

9 dates everyone from Pittsburgh goes on. Not from pittsburgh and I would probably add a couple things but this is a good list :)

15 Fall date ideas. Really good ideas:) <3

You'll never know how many years I dreamed about this with you and now it's a reality every night. I am so very lucky. I love you baby.

54 things to do as a couple bucket list

50 date night ideas for at home... I LOVE #12!

Friday We're In Love: The Couple's Bucket List Date