Lotus Lotus Flower lotus Calla Lily by Bahman Farzad, Dolman Sleeve Lace Panel Dress French you should buy this!

Translucent lotus flower

A White Lotus symbolizes Bodhi (Sanskrit for enlightenment). It symbolizes a pure body, mind and spirit, along with spiritual perfection and a pacification of one's nature. A lotus flower normally has eight petals, which corresponds to the Eightfold Path

@solitalo Amados hijos los ajustes energéticos van a terminar de incrementarse en los días que restan de este ciclo que está por terminar. Es por esto que les traemos un mensaje para que tomen medi...

#NUEVO Previsiones a tomar para los últimos ajustes energéticos del Año 2014

My favorite flower, a night blooming Electric Blue Water Lily, they smell amazing too :)

Flowers of many colors

I love every beautiful things. Flowers and garden is one of most elegant beauty of the world.

"The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud. The thicker and deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms." May you live like the lotus: at ease in muddy water!

Loosening the Knots of Anger Through Mindfulness Practice

Pink water lily lotus w orange stamen reflecting in the rippling pond water. Lovely peaceful scene of reflections.


Backyard Landscaping Ideas For A Gorgeous Retreat

Watching the fish.a simple pleasure. Fung Shui suggests having fish in aquariums & water gardens creates positive, flowing energy ♥

Red Grevillea 'Spider Flower' by Renee Hubbard Fine Art Photography Red Grevillea. The only spider anything i like.

Flores Creación de Dios

August - This is my heart opening to give and receive love. The open willing heart is indescribably beautiful and draws others in to experience acceptance and joy, it creates safety and allows for harmony and honesty.

You are the lotus! Grow from the mud you were born into, and blossom and awaken to who you really are.

My International Portfolio: Explored by Tiffany glass/ lamps traveling exhibition - NY - garden flowers