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Blind Man's Cube - metal Rubiks cube...

Blind Man’s Cube: a steampunkesque Rubik’s cube that can be solved with touch. It’s quite lovely, I wouldn’t mind owning one. Which is possible, because it’s a DIY project found on instructables.

Hippocampus Whitei (Seahorse)  Ht.: approximately 3m,  Artist: Christopher Trotter

Steampunk Treasure A steampunk seahorse skeleton, this would make a great wall sculpture with the sand/dirt half submerging the fantastical mechanical wonder


Steampunk cat with hat and goggles. I don't have a cat, but maybe my dog would wear this on Halloween.

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Not a fan of pet clothes. But if you're going to dress your pet, this is the way to go. Cat leather armor… A KHAJIIT


The artist is Eric Freitas … clock maker, tattoo designer, painter-artist. Very talented young man (Would make an epic tattoo!

Typewriters. We miss them. Now you can bring them back to your daily ramblings with this how to guide that turns a God-awful 1989 IBM Model M "Clicky" keyboard into a gorgeous piece of steampunk genius.

Steampunk IBM keyboard mod - Sick of living in the post-industrial present? Long for an alternate universe where steam trumps electricity? Here's the keyboard for you.

Steampunk Device Designed to Plug and Play

Steampunk USB flash drive with glowing gears and two glass windows. Copper, brass and glass.

Steampunk Pen & Holder Set

Steampunk Desktop Decor and Gifts

Here we take a look at some great ideas for steampunk desktop decor that are sure to be a welcome addition to the home office or work desk.

Image result for clockwork animal

Image result for clockwork animal

Steampunk gadgets really complete the look. Why not have fantastic objects of science and magic nestled into alcoves and amongst antique books?

Steampunk gadgets…

Steampunk gadgets I blame Bioshock and Dishonored for creating my love of anything steampunk or biopunk!

Steampunk Librarian by ghostfire on deviantart but she would be one of the Traveling Librarians of the Discworld by jannyshere

Capt. Ambrose Mittens, global explorer print. $15 at @lucyreynoldsart on Etsy.

Steampunk Poster - The Adventures of Capt. Ambrose Mittens, Explorer of the skies and seas.