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  • Sara Askew

    Math Coach's Corner: Daily Number Sense Routines. Hundred chart and number line routines for the number of the day

  • Janie Satcher

    another great Math idea!

  • Gina Grewe

    Ten frames! my principal will go nuts over this days of school number counting! Bishop's Blackboard: A First Grade Blog: Number of Days in School

  • Stephanie

    1st Grade - today's number with ten frames - and "menu of activities" with hundreds chart and number line

  • Mary McMullen

    Today's Number using 10 frames for calendar time

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Math Coachs Corner: Another Day, Another Number. Number of the day routine.

math center @Andrea Henne i like this for maybe the beginning of the year as we are reviewing numbers?

Math Coach's Corner: More Christmas Number Trees

Change to make negative numbers, fractions, decimals. Daily starter to incorporate practice everyday?

Math Coachs Corner: Flexible Workstation for Number Sense. One activity I love is Count Around the Circle from the book Number Sense Routines. It goes something like this--depending on your students' needs and your standards, you choose a counting pattern. I really wanted to come up with a way to use the same activity in a workstation, so this freebie is what I came up with.

Quick check! This is a great activity for young children to help them learn number sense. :) Pick one box to discuss each day at first. I actually have CeCe do this mentally; mental math has such a better impact on number sense success.

Here's a page to use for addition to 10, using 10 frames. Students write how many more to get to 10 and then write a number sentence.

Could this idea be altered for formula of the day? (post assessment for students to fill out all the information they learned from the lesson about a particular formula)