make your own chalkboard paint... in any color!

How To Make Chalk Paint.

See The World with Me - Cool Chalkboard Paint Ideas,,

DIY flowers

Hula Hoop Chandelier fun patio light

This site takes the words of your favorite songs, quotes, or scriptures and creates a photo of your choice.

Flour, sugar, water & white vinegar = better cheaper Mod Podge. Yes, please. It's too expensive.

DIY Bottlecap Picture Frames with Chalkboard Paint - Cool Chalkboard Paint Ideas,,


DIY Old Shirt Mat

Get a lace doily and spray paint the pattern onto a light bulb. When the light is on, the pattern will shine through on your walls. (Gallifreyian? Stars?)

Make your own chalkboard paint.

Make inexpensive frames look cool then spray paint over

I want to do this :)

Nail polish glasses

DIY Chalkboard Paint

diy braclets

Chalkboard paint

Elmer's glue on canvas. Then paint the whole thing one color. Great project!

Chalkboard Paint Your Ugly Crockpot

DIY LOVE sign with coins