Candice Swanepoel Has a Black & White Moment ,BdayOct 20 South Africa Supermodel

Senior Photoshoot l Portrait Photography l Black and White

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occhidimenta: Gli uomini non sono i miei simili;sono coloro che mi osservano e mi giudicano;i miei simili sono quelli che mi amano e non mi osservano.—A. Malraux—

Fantastic face shot!

boudoir photo shoot, black lace

When I take the mask off they look at me in a different way, as if they have been tricked, as if the fantasy is now reality and they prefer the fantasy.

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love the sheet

Beauty Portrait #Beauty #Photography

This is a great way to make subtle boudoir photos....I need this in my port!!

love the back light with this pose

beautiful light


Pinned by Nobel Studios; Portrait, Fashion, Fine Art and Dance photography by New York City based photographer Nobel Lakaev. Visit website at: Twitter: @NobelLakaev Instagram: Nobel_Lakaev

I like how the flare on the left side of the picture obscures her face a little. Another great pose!

Moscow-based photographer Mercuro B. Cotto

joli 3/4, focus sur la pupille gauche, profondeur de champ de qqes cm, par ex avec 1 50mm à F1.8 ou 2. Point chaud sur le plat du nez provenant probablement du soleil à travers 1 petite fenetre. Imperfection qui rend ce portrait + naturel et touchant qu'1 éclairage parfait en studio... #portrait #photograph #fotografia #ritratto


The caption was: Winter mornings I do NOT look like this on a winter morning! lol