Community Helpers- Five Little Firefighters Poem and Craft

Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Plate Craft for Kids (w/ FREE template)~

Cool activity - top secret service activity

Incorporating grammar practice in a mystery unit

Each group is given a long paper strip of DNA, the story of the missing necklace and directions on how to fingerprint and sequence their DNA. Scissors act as the restriction enzyme, cutting the DNA between every CCGG into varied length segments. As the segments are pasted into the corresponding rows on the sequencing board (imitating gel electrophoresis), the DNA fingerprint of each suspect will emerge. So, who stole the necklace? Be a crime stopper!

{Fingerprints}... stamp fingerprints inside the magnifying glass... use magnifier to examine prints... compare prints to see uniqueness

Detective Science Experiments for Kids - Fingerprints

Class picture

Preschool Science...this is a cool explanation of why ivory soap expands and floats. Doing this with my kids in a couple weeks...hope it works!


Mystery Activities for the Classroom

Excellent ideas, mysteries for our mystery writing unit. Info on clues for stories, fingerprints etc Forensic Science for Kids - resources

Jeopardy generator that can be used with SmartBoard or projected from a computer. I like how this one keeps the score on the side!

Webelos Geologist

mystery motivator

Graphite Finger Prints use to identify different types of finger prints

Dancing Science Project - This is such a FUN, easy to make science experiment using a batter and wire that will amaze kids from Preschool-5th grade. SO COOL!

Have a "Whodunnit Day" to end your mystery unit...lots of ideas including a solving a real mystery, a real detective as a guest speaker, and involving parents in a fun clue search!