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Marriage. Depending on how you define marriage will also depend on how you approach yours, interact with it and create it. When you see a happily married couple- take notes because they are "doing things" to make it that way.

The wedding, the honeymoon . . . it was awesome but, now it's over. What kind of marriage are you going to have? An excellent, satisfying, rewarding marriage . . . sounds good, doesn’t it? It also sounds like an endangered species. Do you know many couples enjoying one? So, what does that rare couple enjoying the fantastic marriage have that so many can’t seem to find?

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13 Inspirational Quotes For When Everything Is Just The Worst

easy to say than done though. just like how can one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. but no doubt about it. don't let idiots ruin your day. just not worth spoiling your day.

My sister in law pinned this about he and her husband. What she failed to add was that she needs to get off her lazy ass and get a JOB to help her struggling husband. So, if you create you're own struggles, then you really aren't meant to be. IJS...

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30 Of The Most Inspirational Quotes Of All Time

Anger ! It can change who you are and turn you into somebody you yourself don't want to know.