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    Put glue on paper in designs, pour salt over it and then drop small watercolor paint droplets and watch the colors grow!



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    Amazing.. I can't believe I've been throwing out all my old markers! I am SO doing this.

    Paint that grows. pop paper in microwave for 30-45 seconds and watch the paint puff up and grow.

    -Sharpie marker on wax paper looks like stained glass.

    A million things to make from a paper plate!

    Sprinkle salt on a wet watercolor painting, let dry and add punched paper snowflakes. #artprojectsforkids #snowflakes

    Paint with Flour for Fun and Less Mess

    Painting On Wet Glue ~ beautiful sun catcher

    Painting with watercolors and Elmer's glue

    Painting on foil--add dish soap to paint to help it stick...

    bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. Instant stamps.

    Blow paint monsters. Thin some tempera paint with water. Drop small amounts on paper - then use a straw to blow the paint across the page making "monster" shapes.

    On a tray, place a pile of baking soda. Mix vinegar + a few drops of food coloring in a cup. Give the kids an eyedropper. Have them fill it with vinegar, squeeze onto the baking soda and watch mini volcanoes erupt!

    Painting with Watercolors, Glue, and Salt. So cool, I want to do this!

    Kid’s Art – Raised Salt Painting | One Perfect Day

    Really!!! I wish Pinterest was around 20 years ago when my kids were little! I love this idea. - Ice cube watercolor paint.

    make black paper frames and stick to contact paper make collages -- translucent tiles, gems, leaves etc... and display on window

    Toilet roll paper dragon

    Create Stencils, stick them to a piece of paper and paint over them. Remove the stencil when finished. I want to do this with sparrows or other birds with splatter paint or maybe spray paint. Then fill in the birds with black maybe.

    Salt dough snakes - so fun for kids to make! They can be realistic, or funny colors!