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How to Organize a Craft Room - this article actually has some practical steps if you are clueless about how to organize (like me)

How to Organize a Craft Room

An important characteristic one must have in order to be a professional organizer is space management. You have to be able to use a space to its fullest potential in order for it to become functionally organized.

A great way to store fabric! I could see what I have so I don't overbuy!

If I ever get a designated craft space again, I will have Josh build me a shelf like this to store all my fabric. I would love to see a large picture of this shelf. It could also just double as contemporary wall decor.

This post may contain affiliate links! My last house was small. RIDICULOUSLY small. And I have crafthoarderitis–so I had to get reallllll creative with my storage ideas! I quickly realized that the backs of door had lots of space that could be utilized with a $9 over the door shoe organizer! SO MANY IDEAS! from the …

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I have been lucky enough to have a craft room since we moved into our house fourteen years ago. Sean still likes to joke that every other box we moved in with was labeled, "craft room".