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ScotClans News: Bull, Bullion and Badges.    http://mim.io/d1b862

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. This week Margaret is taking a well earned break somewhere in darkest Perthshire. no laptop, no ph.

Cliffside waterfalls, Isle of Skye, #Scotland

SCOTLAND - This huge waterfall isn’t tumbling from a Central American plateau: it’s the Mealt Falls on the Isle of Skye. The imposing cliffs in the background are Kilt Rock, a rocky outcrop with vertical basalt columns said to resemble a pleated kilt.

ScotClans News: Back From The Islands    http://mim.io/8a8582

ScotClans News: Back From The Islands

ScotClans News 3    http://mim.io/b4e162

Hello Again! Hi there, We hope the week has been good for you all so far. Its strangely quiet down here today as were not all here (or are we not all.

ScotClans News: Nice Threads!    http://mim.io/1fe892

ScotClans News: Nice Threads!

Fairy Bridge, Reelig Glen, Scotland | Travel Spot Photos:

Fairy Bridge, Reelig Glen, Scotland: The story goes that the bridge and grotto in Reelig Glen, near Inverness were built by the fairies living in the wood, which is why locals call it Fairy Glen rather than Reelig

ScotClans News: Time Flies...    http://mim.io/5501a2

How are you all today? I think the only way to describe the office today would be like the Marie Celeste. Theres been a nasty little bug.

ScotClans News: Eye Aye!    http://mim.io/342b82

Hope you have all recovered from the weekend. :-) We recently paid a flying visit to the Bannockburn heritage.

ScotClans News: On the Road!    http://mim.io/fb3672

ScotClans News: On the Road!

ScotClans News: May Day Weyhey!    http://mim.io/b3e092

Its May which means last night would have seen the Beltane Fire Festival take place in the centre of Edinburgh.

ScotClans News: Over the Hills and Far Away!    http://mim.io/708692

ScotClans News: Over the Hills and Far Away!

Ardnamurchan Ardnamurchan is a peninsula in the ward management area of Lochaber, Highland, Scotland, noted for being very unspoilt and undisturbed.

ScotClans News: 2014 Gathering Dates Announced    http://mim.io/dc1462

ScotClans News: Gathering 2014 Dates Announced.

ScotClans News    http://mim.io/963062

We have to confess to being a tiny wee bit bowled over! Thanks for all the lovely responses to our last newsletter - It seems you much p.

Stalker Castle.

Stalker Castle.