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Best Cosplay - watching this movie right now!

Best cosplay ever. Hey it's 'Ruby Red' from the movie "Fifth Element". Love that movie.'Corbin, Corbin my man.

Gender bending Joker and Harley. Love it!

These 20 Insane Gender Swapped Cosplays and Crossplays Are Hilarious, Spot On, and Downright Brilliant!

★ #CosplayStyle: TOO ★ Gambit - X-MEN | C2E2 X-Women-17 | Flickr

I like this kind of cosplay instead of the super revealing ones that most girls wear. Plus Gambit is the COOLEST! He's my favorite, umm, mutant besides Scarlet Witch and Rogue!

Epic Bioshock cosplay. =)

Bioshock cosplay of a Big Daddy and a Little Sister (taken at an aquarium, made perfect setting in likeness of Rapture)

SESSHOMARU COSPLAY ~~~I second true love!!(first true love goes to Gaara)

I cannot explain my happiness for this. He is best character in inuyasha.jus say in (totally don't fangirl over him at all >_>)~He is the best character in Inuyasha. Love him.

I love this movie. This must have taken months to get right

Pretty much my favorite Cosplay ever

Awesome Costume oh my god it's a spartan from halo! --> Awesomeness - you're doing it right.

Awesome Costume

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