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    Best Mother's Day Quotes to write in a card | Crafty Texas Girls #MothersDay

  • Melissa Soliz-Steckler

    I may have done a lot of things wrong in my life but being a Mother is definitely not one of them. I work very hard to be the best mother I can be to you and your brother I took classes, read books and even spent time in Mother workshops so I could do my best not to screw y'all up. So I may have had to struggle at times but it has all been worth it and I would do it again so Shugz just like I will defend you and Kubby I will always defend myself because very few know the work and sacrifice I put into raising you two to be the awesome kids y'all are today!!

  • Monica Mathers

    Love it- I LOVE being a mother to my beautiful girl more than anything else in the world! Nothing else gives me the satisfaction and sense of pride like being a mommy does......

  • Tish Sailer

    Mothers Day Quotes - so true


    Motherhood is... #quote #mother #mom #parent #family #mothersday #inspiration #life #children #child

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