Cat room hidden under the stairs.

Asahi Kasei has come up with designs with special features for cats. A few key features: open air cat walks, climbing steps, cat doors in every door, deck built in to the window, extra space in the bathroom designed for their compartment, cat room hidden under the stairs, special fencing to prevent cats from getting away. Apart from these, there has been use of cat friendly construction materials as well.

Cat House

Or use an old ladder as a cat climbing ramp.

A cat? Where?

cat perch + steps

Paradise cat tree

Hmmm... Am sure mine would looove this one! Would look quite great to hang it from the stairs into the living room. Would need at least four stories though :-)

Little cat home.

cat room brilliant~! must find space to do this (or add on to the house ;)

kitty shelves - Outside to get from backyard to top deck where kitty door is! Perfect!

My cats NEED this!

cat house

Cozy Cactus Cat Tree - - Fun furniture, condos and climbing gyms for cats and kittens.

Cat heaven!

Solid wood modern cat furniture. There are four colour options : the cheery Coloured House (recommended for “a bit depressed” cat owners !), the minimalists White House or Natural, ans the very masculine Black House. Each Catissa comes with a 3-step cat ladder and washable pillows.

Cat Tree Cat House Cat Bed for American by paynestdollboutique

Diy Cat Tree

Loo Loo Wheel with long climbing ramp - expensive but you can have custom designed. The bottom back compartment is for a cat box (they call it a cat toilet). Hand made in Korea.

A cat house?

The terrific, fabulous 'Catissa,' a zero floor space cat tree by Russian design group Mojorno. 4 storeys + sleeping pads + ladder, approx $500, is available in 4 different colorways. accessoires-chats-design-catissa-1