return of the jedi was the last movie I saw at a drive in theater. We sat on the top of an old green station wagon.

Drive-In Movie Theater; Old School Screen Graphics. #Vintage #Retro

Drive-In Theater Speakers

Drive in theater

drive in theater

drive-in movie theater

Dinner at the drive-in movie theater, 1952

old drive in theater

drive in movie theater | Tumblr

Drive in theater speakers

abandon drive-in theater

Those speakers at the drive-in!

Vintage Tupperware Colander Jadeite Green. Still use it

Remember doing this????

Landmark Theater on N. Laurel in the fan, used to be called The Mosque built in 1926.

Being obsessed with this movie… | 55 Things Only ’90s Teenage Girls Can Understand

Hanover Tavern, Hanover. The Tavern has held many roles – inn, stagecoach stop, post office and dinner theater.

Gingery, lovely soda pop goodness from the late 40s.

vintage pick-up sticks


The "old days" library cards in every book