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Purslane (Portulaca oleracea) leaves and stems are great raw in salads. You can steam them or add them to soups, stews, and other vegetable dishes. Good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, melatonin

Many people see Lambs Quarters as nothing more than a common weed, never realizing that a tasty and nutritious green vegetable could be enjoyed, free for the picking. The leaves and stems are edible and absolutely delicious, with a flavor that can be compared to spinach or chard with an earthy, mineral rich taste.

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Stop- It's Not Just a Weed! It's an Unrecognized Health-Boosting Plant...

Considered a common weed to many, it has more beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids than many fish oils and one of the highest levels of vitamin A among all leafy green vegetables.

Purslane is great tasting and so good for you! Omega-3 content is pretty high! ---- Do you recognize the paddle-shaped leaves and red stems in the picture? The first place I spotted purslane when I started foraging for it was my driveway. Look for it's fleshy ruby stems and succulent leaves (like tiny flat spineless cactus padals), both of which are edible. You probably have some of it in your driveway or yard, too. You might even be "weeding" it out of your garden, in which case, it's…

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Purslane Recipes: 45 Things To Do With Fresh Purslane

45 Things To Do With Purslane - Chocolate & Zucchini

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Purslane Cucmber Salad

I have been eating a small amount ( 6 or 8 leaves ) of raw purslane each day for about 2 months now. I have Fibromyalgia. This has helped relieve some of the aches and helped a great deal with the "Brain Fog" associated with Fibro. the plant is very high in omega-3-fatty acids and quite tasty! Homefrom Home

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Purslane stems: smooth thick red sprawling stems. Snapped stems will have clear sap not white. Edible

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Stop- It's Not Just a Weed! It's an Unrecognized Health-Boosting Plant...

Stop- It's Not Just a Weed! It's One of the Most Unrecognized Health-Boosting Plants... <3 via @eatlocalgrown

Purslane - This web page brings you purslane facts and purslane recipes to bolster your appreciation of this virtuous wild plant. A nutritious edible weed absolutely delicious when mixed with yogurt and garlic!

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20 Edible Weeds

Food for Torties! 20 Edible Weeds. Instead of battling weeds this growing season, how about eating them? or feed them to your pets!

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Purslane: A Good Reason to Start Eating Weeds

Purslane is a delicious succulent. Eat your weeds!!

Lemon Balm Grow it: Pot it, or it will colonize your garden. Use it: Use for healing and preventing cold sores. Also, rub leaves directly onto skin as a natural insect repellent or to soothe bites.