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How to test paint to see if it is oil-based or acrylic.

Orange + Pink

How cute would these be printed out and framed in a toddler's room! Or you could use them for a banner. Adorable!

This picture shows us the colour wheel and which Primary colours make Secondary colours

The making of Adinkra cloths is a long established tradition among the Ashanti people of Ghana.

Paint with TP tubes

flower prints-NOVEMBER

Patterned tape.

DIY: painted ornaments

Politically-Driven Portrait Made of 3,500 Lipsticks -by Amer Shomali

Make your own chalkboard paint in any color! This may be the greatest discovery ever. pin now read later

Look and Learn - Scenic, Orange - $8.50 per yard

tree lamp

Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy - Posie, Brown - $10.50 per yard

Suzy Ultman Critter Community - Owls, Retro - $10.50 per yard

Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley - Thistle Leaf, Piney Woods - $9.50 per yard

Ann Kelle Urban Zoologie - Turtles, Grass - $10.50 per yard


colorful rabbit

Dressing up liquor bottles for birthday presents

Dressing up liquor bottles for birthday presents

DIY: glitter globes

Gone to Carolina.. :)


Chalkboard DIY- how to create chalkboards with amazing typography and you don't have to have great handwriting