The Fortune Cookie

Corrugated Tiny Blue House

The Fortune Cookie tiny house. This has to be one of my favourite tiny houses ever, it is a work of art! I encourage you to check out Kera's website and see more pics....amazing.

tiny house

Gypsy caravan

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tiny home, tiny house interior. This tiny home was made by Vastu Cabin in Iowa

Tiny house in the woods

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zyl vardos tiny house with a balcony 0010 Fortune Cookie Tiny House on Wheels with a Balcony by Zyl Vardos

I like the idea of living in a small house and utilizing space better, rather than buying a giant home.

gypsy housetruck


tiny house tiny house, home sweet home in our tiny house

The first ever 'Molecule Tiny House', with companion study. I love this.

Architect, artist, magician, Robert Harvey Oshatz is all of that and so much more. He is the organic architect responsible for this magnificent home up in the canopy; the coolest house in the trees that you will likely ever see. The unique Wilkinson Residence graces the wooded landscape outside of Portland, Oregon.

Tiny house on a lake