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Miss Kindergartenfrom Miss Kindergarten

I'm Done Jar 2.0!

"I'm Done Jar" - a list of activities that are fun & meaningful for the kids to do after they have finished their assignments.

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

I'm Done (Now What?) Early Finishers Jar

I'm Done! Now What Jar for early finishers

Popsicle Stick Patterns Busy Bags This is a brain workout. Kids need to match the pattern on the cards with colored popsicle sticks to make it look like the card. Totally diy!

Quiet Critters - They live in a soundproof jar only come out when it's quiet. They don't like a noisy classroom! During quiet work time you can pop one on each student's desk. If they are noisy you can move the critter to the side of their desk as a warning. If they continue to be noisy, the critter is returned to the jar. At the end of the lesson, whoever still has a critter on their desk can change it over for a sticker, points or other incentive.


I'm Done Jar- TBA's most popular post!

Early finishers

Students pick a stick from the “I’m Done” cup and work on an activity when they are finished with their work. Teachers can range the activities depending on the grade." data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Getting to Know You! {30 Icebreakers & Team Building Activities}

Great Way to Start off the School Year!

25 Bellringer, "Do Now" or Early Finisher Ideas! Written for secondary teachers but some of the general ideas can be adapted for younger students

Warm Fuzzy Jar! When students are caught being kind they get a "warm fuzzy" to put in the jar. When the jar is full have a class party!

Mrs. Wills Kindergartenfrom Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Kindergarten Educational Games

Early Finishers... no worksheet fun!