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    • Jeanne Gresham

      rare albino ruby throated hummingbird

    • Elaine Fischer aka Inspirations

      Albino Animals (albino ruby throated hummingbird)

    • Mike Hodgson

      "Highest Flower. Sweetest Nectar."--Chernashigan Koan. Chernashigans believe Osifius, a white hummingbird, was the harbinger of victory during The FourWars and has been adopted as the Highest Spirit Familiar.

    • Caroline Tyler

      Beautiful albino humming bird. Love it. Saw this beautiful bird two years ago at our feeder! Once in a lifetime gift!

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    Green Violet-Ear Hummingbird

    Soft Pink Love Birds

    Pink Robin (Petroica rodinogaster) is a small passerine bird native to southeastern Australia.

    ** Birds


    Beautiful birds! Didn't know they came in purple

    Pygmy Kingfisher - This little fella and just flown into our window and winded himself. He took about ten minutes to recover before flying off. I zoomed in from a distance as didn't want to upset him further. I think he must have been quite young as he only measured about 6 or 7cm tall.

    Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) - the landscaping has a kind of tropical feel to it. This is a tropical bird native to Costa Rica. The turquoise blue of its feathers is reminiscent of the water in the Pintwist pic.

    Dove. Perfect colours.

    beautiful picture of a tufted those eyes

    Wildlife Treasury Cards

    A rare image of a flying peacock.

    Baby Canada geese leave the nest for the first time. Cute little honkers!

    The Amazing Squirrel Cuckoo

    Albino Hummingbird Would love to see one!

    - Purple Hummingbird with flowers

    Antillean Crested Hummingbird

    pretty pastel bird

    The Rainbow Owl is a rare species of owl found in hardwood forests in the western United States and parts of China. Long coveted for its colorful plumage, the Rainbow Owl was nearly hunted to extinction in the early 20th century. However, due to conservation efforts, recent years have seen a significant population increase, particularly in northwestern Montana

    Beautiful Male Resplendent Quetzal

    Macaws...brilliant blue

    Cardinal in winter, love it.

    love the deep

    Waxwing - such beautiful and unique birds!