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  • Dusty Hawkins

    Cool tattoos it says "My heart starts to pound" and the other says "to the rhythm of yours."

  • Tamara Faleatua

    Husband & wife tattoos (lyrics). Hers: "My heart starts to pound" His says "To the rhythm of yours"

  • Michelle Harris

    Love husband wife tattoos read My heart starts to pound and his says to the rhythm of yours. placed on our inner forearms, the quotes are lyrics from Silversteins Still Dreaming.

  • Dawn Burge

    matching tattoos. "My heart starts to pound" "to the rhythm of yours." placed on your inner forearms, the quotes are lyrics from Silverstein's "Still Dreaming." tattoo artist - Mike Stevens from Black Anchor Tattoo in Denton, MD. www.keelhauledmik...

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Anchor tattoo - Already have mine in black and gray but this is also very beautiful!

anchor tattoos...super cute and meaningful for a couple...I want!!

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Next Tattoo. I NEED HELP. Placement ideas: Upper back between shoulder blades. Left Thigh (Front OR side?). Inner bicep. I need your opinions on what would be more suiting. #Tattoo #Help #Ink

Looking for my next tattoo, and something along these lines w/a compass rose/globe is going to be the likely culprit...

I saw a girl with a little anchor on her finger a couple weeks ago! It was adorable! I've been thinking about it since... I've already cleared the idea with my hubby... now when?! : )

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Here be a pirate's compass with anchor and rose. Pirates, Sail forth!

Anchor Tattoo on the ring finger. Only have it done with white ink. Wow my package arrived. The Chanel stuff is incredible Top quality yet wasnt expensive! y2x3e