lemon spray - homemade flea control for your pet!

RID YOUR DOG OF FLEAS RECIPE; Ingredients: 1 cup Dawn dish detergent (for smell and fleas) 1 cup white distilled vinegar 1 quart water Mix it all together! That's it! Be careful not to get it in your dog's eyes though, it will burn. I literally saw the fleas falling off him, dead, when I was rinsing him off. Love love love it. I don't think I'll ever buy dog shampoo again! Remember to start at the neck so the fleas will not run to the face.

Did you know that many ingredients in your garden act as all-natural flea repellant? Steep lemon juice, witch hazel, water, and lavender together to make a simple spray that will help keep your pet flea-free and smelling fresh.

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Homemade All-Natural Flea and Tick Repellent: Safe around Children and pets. 15-20 drop Lemon essence oil in spray bottle, then fill bottle with water.. Spray around baseboards, the base of doors, especially those entering house, on carpet and under furniture, they love to hide in furniture stuffing to lay their eggs..Any place fleas and/or ticks may be hiding.

Coconut oil to get rid of fleas and dry skin. Is there anything coconut oil doesn't do?

Flea Spray This one is my favorite, it smells so good! Make a pleasant smelling and effective flea repellent spray for by steeping thinly sliced lemons and sprigs of rosemary overnight in near boiling water. Add a few drops of geranium essential oil. Spritz on soft furniture, bedding and even the dog to repel fleas. Treat the dog's bed as well. *note: my daughter's vet approved of this being used on 2 dogs, one puppy and the cat too

Natural Flea Spray

Natural, effective, and far more frugal ways to treat FLEAS in the house and on the pets.Try this recipe too: http://lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-DOG-OWNERS-Natural-homemade-dog-shampoo-and-flea-repellant

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The Canine Shower Stall - has 16 water-jet nozzles and a showerhead that wash and rinse your canine in an enclosed space. The jet nozzles produce vigorous streams of water that penetrate even the thickest coats to clean pet hair and remove dead skin cells. A handheld, adjustable-flow showerhead has a 38 hose that allows you to easily wash and rinse the paws, underbody, and other hard-to-reach

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