10 reasons to ban gay marriage, read it before you judge me, it is not what it seems

Hope, this gives me hope It amazes me how children so young can believe in equality just like that. They give more people hope than other adults do.

Love the comebacks! So true!!

I love this meme. Just picture Jesus saying "Did I stutter?" all sassy like.





This is the best thing EVER

Just click on the picture and read this. just about died laughing!! this guy got a text from a stranger and decided to play along with it! must read! Hilarious.

Quotes from kids on marriage...pretty much the best thing ever! Lol

Gotta love kids, they say the darnedest things

<3 Sheldon

With love, the opportunist. :)


ummm, yep.



I like how I can relate to every single one of these xD