Ha! Sounds like me!

Pretty much.

Hahah yes !!

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More boos, more booze? Grab some Stella Rosa (make it Black for Halloween!) and stock up for your parties and festivities!

One of the reasons...

How to pour wine.

Absolutely - Beautiful, and so very true.

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I'M CRYING //It could've been worse. They could've had coffee in a Super Big Gulp cup and poured in a Monster or some energy drink AND a 5 Hour Energy. Now my friend, that is literally a recipe for disaster.

oh yeah!

So true

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@Megan Ward Ward Troha thought of you ;) Personalized Nurse Wine Glass by BlessYourHeartGlass on Etsy

.yes it is!

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Wine bottles...

hahahaha so true!

Hemingway is my best drinking buddy