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How to Make a Flea Trap via

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How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

Get rid of fleas...Make a citrus spray. Slice a lemon thinly, add it to a pint of water and heat to a boiling point. Let it sit overnight and in the morning, spray it onto areas where you suspect fleas hang out (beware of staining) and rub it over your pet's fur. Don't soak, but rather dampen the fur. Do this once a month to combat fleas.


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Protect your pets with these DIY flea collar using Young Living Essential Oils.

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Onion Ring Eggs

A fun twist on egg-in-the-hole and a great excuse to have onion rings for breakfast.

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29 Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

If you have blinds, use this tongs hack to get them clean in a jiffy. | 29 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Cleaner Than It's Ever Been

Anyone with a shedding cat needs this pin from! This helpful guide gives easy tricks for getting your pet's fur out of anything, including clothes, furniture and carpet. For example, to clean up your couch, use the static electricity from a blown up balloon to pick up fur.

How To Extract a Splinter : Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago.

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Community Post: 60 Times Golden Retrievers Were So Adorable You Wanted To Cry

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Can't wait till I can get a puppy someday!

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Home Remedies for Fleas (Get Rid of Fleas On Dogs, Cats & In House)

How to Get Rid of Fleas~To use vinegar as a way of liberating your home of these pests, simply place a bowl of vinegar (1/2 cup is all you really need) in the area of infestation and the fleas will hop in. From there, nature takes over and the little nits will drown. Read more :