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  • Heidi Anderson

    Optical illusion

  • Camille Hannesson

    This took me awhile, but it's so cool when you finally see it! If you can't see it then: the frogs head is the horses mouth and nose, the dark spot on the frogs body is the horses eye, and the thing the frogs siting on os the horses mane. The horse is sideways (it's looking up). Hopefully that will help!

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Meet Wilson. Wilson hasn't been around children a lot. CJ hasn't been around horses a lot. This is the first time Wilson and CJ met. (photographer: Daryl Everett) ~ Horses know the way into your heart.... if your pure enough to let them ~

Funny Pictures – 35 Pics I wish my cats were that timid about food. Enoch actaually taps me on the shoulder to remind me he's due for a share.

Few will ever understand the connection between a little girl and her Horse

“Let your horse teach you about yourself, for you may be at the age where no one else can.”

Beautiful horses. Click for natural horse living tips. / Awesome picture EL.

i want her!! owning an Appaloosa is my dream horse. cant wait for that one to come true

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Dapple Grey Arabian Mare and her dark bay gray foal. Notice lovely seahorse nose shape typical of Arabians! RESEARCH DdO:) - All horse colors are actually built on one of only two base colors, black or chestnut. Various genes act on these colors and dilute them, resulting in a broad spectrum of colors. Gray is common in many breeds: 1 horse in 10 has mutation for graying with age. 3% of Thoroughbreds have gray coats.

Happy Birthday Daddy...thank you for always providing me and all us girls with everything we needed and WISHED for. My wish for horses was never turned down and that was one of the happiest times of my life, other than being your daughter and mama's daughter!!! I love you daddy!

that moment when you can tell exactly what your horse is thinking just by looking in his eyes