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Ronda Rousey - Female MMA - She once said after a fight "No! She tried to punch my face" after being asked if she felt bad about breaking her opponent's arm.

So I'm a girl? It's not like I have a choice! Karate is who I am and I believe that my punch could break your face if I wanted to but then I might break a nail and your ignorance isn't worth it. Since when does being a girl mean I have to sit in my room singing and painting my nails? News flash this is 2015! Don't any of those ignorant people realize that if they sit around telling girls they can't do something that they are just leaving the finish line wide open for us girls to win! #likeagirl

MMA isn't just for men Props to Rousey for showing that women can be just as competitive as men.

ronda rousey | Ronda Rousey Becomes 1st Female Fighter to Join UFC Will she be able ...

Ronda Rousey. This chick right here can knock you out faster than you can punch her.

Ronda Rousey. US Olympic Judo bronze medalist, Strikeforece/UFC Champ, armbar hero

MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey in BEYOND YOGA heather gray leggings

Ronda favorite UFC fighter. Now you know my passion. Martial arts rules!

Get MMA Champ : Here’s one chick with no shortage of accomplishments tucked under her weighty UFC championship belt. Not only is she an Olympic medalist in Judo, she’s filming a reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, and um...right, did we mention Ronda “Rowdy”...

Ronda Rousey. Olympic Judo Medalist and current Strikeforce 135lb Champ!