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  • Amy Knippel

    Globe Lamps! What a splendid idea. I've seen fun things like this done with buckets too. You put a hole in the bucket for the bulb and hang it upside down. Too fun.

  • Tasmia S

    globe light fixtures - gorgeous, I think you'd need paper lanterns?

  • Danielle Molenaar

    World globe lights - great idea for the boy's bedroom

  • Kerry LoCo

    Globe lights. Just a picture, no instructions at link. Would be a great idea for a kitschy light in a den or kid's room, using a globe that is no longer correct.

  • Shirley Hill

    Map globe lights

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Secretly hoping this globe is actually a ring box that my future fiancé plans to use because, HELLO, perfect.

diy globe lamp (apparently you take a vintage illuminated globe and peel off the map? directions are in swedish.)

Take a globe, cut a hole at the bottom and a smaller one up top (with a Dremel tool). You can then get the wiring at IKEA and just run it through the top

My globe collection is growing thanks to our many visits to the flea market :) Now to find a good place for them in the house! LOL!

Our beautiful globe (which was a little more deluxe than this one) sat on top of our Encyclopedia Britannica bookcase along with a little mexican pottery sauce pot holding a short bayberry scented pillar candle and a candy dish of M & M's.I think we got it as a premium for buying the encyclopedias

Industrial lightnique hanging lamp made with a vintage glass dome display and metal part of an old portable gas heater "Alita" Glass dome soflty twist in & out for fixing light bulb About 40 cm (16 inches) high 4 feet of beige twisted cloth covered wire 4 feet of hemp type rope Matching ceiling fixture included

I want to make this...but come up with something equally clever like "I am Home" .. or "wander where you may"...or something...I guess I will do it when I come up with something clever...whenever that may be :-)

Vintage World Globe Trippensee Planetarium C1943 by UPSTARTS - I want one of these!

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It's a neat lamp. But it's a $5 yard sale find with a $5 cord. Quite a scam to sell it for $185 on Etsy.