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hahahaha i wish

Only if every pool had a sexy lifeguard as one if these., suddenly I forgot how to swim. Come save me(:

You are about to exceed the limits of my medication!

You are about to exceed the limits of my medication. I am not on meds but some people make you feel like that!

I used to hate the Kardashians- until I saw this

Ok, really not photograph to LOVE in the sense of amazing photography, but this picture is hilarious. What' snot to love about a photo that's got to be SO embaressing for the Kardashians? talk about awkward family photo.

Let's just leave this right here....

Quick check your face, because I just found a nose in my business.to bad it's usually my nose.

okay i should NOT have found this as funny as i did

A wolf on your noggin.

Macklemore What You Know About Rocking A Wolf On Your Noggin?: Looks like a Siberian Husky knows a little bit about it! can't deny this dog is cleve

Like if you remember this lol

A box of Monsters University cookies has a sticker over the face of Mike Wazowski, mirroring a running gag in the original 'Monsters, Inc. I'M DYING.

Some songs awaken my inner stripper.

"Some songs awaken my inner stripper." [ ALL songs awaken Miley Cyus' inner stripper.

LOLOL i totally feel his pain. my heart just cringed a little

Some men want to see the world burn

Do these things drive YOU crazy? Or do you not know what's wrong in these pictures? Or care? 18 Things To Drive Your OCD Crazy