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Not necessarily... for the diamond produces an eternal rainbow, and emits fire. It also originates from the fire of love and passion in the giver. Give me diamonds, but not diamonds I acquire for myself, give me the rainbow of thought, the fire of passion, the love and consideration and desire of the one who bestowed it upon me.

This can be a hard truth to swallow but it's true and truth is liberating. It is also very true that we all express love in different ways. Maybe you are just looking for it in your love language when you should try to seek theirs. They might be trying to show you in their own way. Open your eyes.

For my daughter, Nyla. ~Sarah This is so true! There are so many amazing girls just sitting at the top of that tree, waiting for that one special boy brave enough to climb all the way up to the top.

Remember this. This is so true for us. They can take us away from each other but they can't take the feelings away. Trust me. Since everything's happened my feelings have only grown stronger. I love you honey bunny. <3

Don’t hold on because you think there will be no one else. There will always be someone else. You’ve got to believe you are worth more than being repeatedly hurt by someone who doesn’t really care…and believe that someone will see what you are really worth and treat you the way you should be treated. Remember this!!!!!

Ain't that the truth. And yet why is it so hard to let go of the past? I'm happy with most of my life now but there are certain things I find impossible to let go or forgive myself for. Dumb ik but what can I say