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or my friends personal favorite, why arent you swimming? "I don't wanna get my hair all nappy and wet."

Pfftt. I'm white. And this sums up my life. I've learned that no matter how expensive, always buy the ones that fit. Cuz I won't come across another pair for another 5 years.

ive never had this problem, but my best friend did throughout all of she hated being the "spokesperson" for all black people

What is speaking "white" anyway? English is always the same no matter what person, speaks it... my apologies that I dont speak "Hoodrat" or "Negro Sprirtual"... they're just not my cup of 'lingo'

Black Girl Problems. Hence why I have so many hair ties.

Black girl problems OMG this is so funny and true!

OMG!!! Every time in mi sorority! As one of the few black girls in mi sorority, I am suppose to lead them into the wobble

Girl problems...Ruth H. H. H. Archbold I thought you would appreciate this...