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Conversation Starters - Great for oral language development at the beginning of the year. (Handy writing topics later on too . . . )

SellfishCatfrom SellfishCat

classroom collective

Stop what you’re doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom.

The Water Lily Wayfrom The Water Lily Way

Cotton Ball Hockey & Cotton Ball Races

An activity from Theraplay that kids, teens and even adults will love! Can be used as an icebreaker, play therapy, team building activity, or to begin individual/group counseling sessions.

Awesome site that gives FREE printouts on anger management games, decision making, social skills, etc. that can be used for individual or family sessions! Awesome website!

Here are dozens of free autism social skills lessons, games, card activities, worksheets, wall displays and more.  This is updated frequently.  Most include free downloads.

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More Problem Solving,

Social Skills game


Ball of String Group Activity

When I first started facilitating process groups with adolescents I knew I needed to create activities to engage their attention. I often try to find an introduction activity that leads to further ...