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Stunning portraits and nude photography made by  Kristen Hatgi using the collodion photographic process. The divine surroundings in which Kristen captures her photos combined with her models’ sensual and theatrical poses really breath life back into this century old process of making images.

Photography, Large format in People, Portrait, Female, Large Format, Wet Plate Collodion - Image #412045

Capitán de mi barco sueño palabras Como gemas brillantes llenas de luz Y cuando la luna llovizna su plata Rimo mis versos que la noche subasta Soltando pájaros que vuelan en cruz. Arriero de penas azules nostalgias En horas troveras de mansa inquietud Mis manos traviesas que acortan distancias Bajan estrellas cuando el Arte dispara Con chispa de luces su claro arcabuz. (Castañeda)

Enchanted Bathtub Boudoir Session Photograph by [a.w. photography]

Portraits reflect the expression, appearance and dynamism of a person, also portrait photography could capture people's soul. Its not about experience or your style, It is about how you capture them in a way that reflects their personality as natural as possible.

Man Ray used the Sabattier effect to question reality and disconnect the subject from the photograph

081008-002, photographie de Igor Vasiliadis. Sinar P2, Darlot lens 1850. wet plate on blackened silver.