Stunning portraits and nude photography made by  Kristen Hatgi using the collodion photographic process. The divine surroundings in which Kristen captures her photos combined with her models’ sensual and theatrical poses really breath life back into this century old process of making images.

Best friends 1920s

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Collodion Photography by Kristen Hatgi

Wetplate Collodion Process

Harry Taylor's wet plate collodion process photography

Wet Collodion Process

Jody Ake creates portraits, nudes, still lifes and landscape images, using the wet collodion process,an historic photographic technique Invented in 1851. The method entails coating a glass plate with collodion and exposing the plate while it is still wet. Ake is one of a handful of contemporary artists who have revived this photographic method, hand-mixing the chemicals for each and every exposure.

The original images are either 4x5" wet plate collodion on clear glass


Unknown Artist (Senegal). Portrait of a Woman, ca. 1910

Jean-baptiste Senegas wet plate collodion, ambrotype

Portraits reflect the expression, appearance and dynamism of a person, also portrait photography could capture people's soul. Its not about experience or your style, It is about how you capture them in a way that reflects their personality as natural as possible.

Namibia, Photo Mario Gerth

Siblings, by Deborah Parkin, 2012. Deborah Parkin is a photographer based in rural Northumberland, UK. Deborah has always been fascinated with childhood. In her series Stillness in Time she wanted to photograph children using the wet plate collodion process – a process that requires stillness, the antithesis to the frantic, sometimes pressurized world these children live in. She wanted to record moments of stillness and disengagement from their immediate world.

Incredible work.

© Ren Hang

Irving Penn portrait of Truman Capote.