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WHY? -- Why does it seem like America is getting crazier with each passing year? It has become glaringly apparent that very deep corruption has taken root in our society from the lowest levels of society all the way up to the highest levels of society. In fact, some of the worst behavior of all is being exhibited by those that are supposed to be “examples” for our young people – politicians, bankers, lawyers, CEOs, etc. click to read entire article....


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Liberal Hypocrisy! Build that fence @realDonaldTrump @jorgeramosnews has one!!"

DEBRA GIFFORD (@lovemyyorkie14) | TwitterWise words from Trump on corruption "I could bribe delegates like that corrupt system is doing.. but I wont"

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Random Inspiration #25

Surround yourself with positive successful people

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“If we don't teach history? communism kills” This sounds like America today!.....Keep your CHANGE!


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Which Middle Eastern Countries respect our flag and our nation?

pinner has written TRUTH: africa, famine and poverty, but thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates, at least they have vaccines.. by the way, still think GMO's cure hunger? Think again, it cures a booming population. Ask yourself why cancer is so profitable and why cures are covered up? Research!!!!

At least, we're in the socialist America that the Russians predicted we'd be in back in the cold war.