WHY? -- Why does it seem like America is getting crazier with each passing year? It has become glaringly apparent that very deep corruption has taken root in our society from the lowest levels of society all the way up to the highest levels of society. In fact, some of the worst behavior of all is being exhibited by those that are supposed to be “examples” for our young people – politicians, bankers, lawyers, CEOs, etc. click to read entire article....

The complete list of all who voted against VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act. Women of America - please remember this when you vote!

Only in America

Freedom isn't free...it's a rough road.

"When we honor our flag we honor what we stand for as a Nation - freedom, equality, justice, and hope." ~ Ronald Reagan

“If we don't teach history? communism kills” This sounds like America today!.....Keep your CHANGE!

Never Forget - Thank you ALL service men and women & families of ALL the branches.

When this guy says he would do anything to protect America, he means it.

OMG!!!!!! I wish I had written this... Obama, a weakling like no other! @gop #tcot pic.twitter.com/tdSdyGtNRA


Which Middle Eastern Countries respect our flag and our nation?

You're Americans- Act Like It!

So true

.The danger to America is not Barack Obama..

Sharia for all.

"Let every nation know..." JFK


Pledge of Allegiance. Remember when we could openly do this?

Americans, what America is going through right now is not about politics; or Democrat versus Republican. It is an assault on the American way of life; because of what it stands for: Freedom. This is not the time to look away and not make waves. It is the time to be informed, Muslims have said it is their goal to get rid of our way of life. It is time to pray to God for help and the wisdom to know what is needed to be done..don't pass this on to our children.

U.S. TAXPAYER TO PAY OBAMACARE COSTS FOR THE STATES -- Today’s substance is another ill-favored pill the American taxpayer may find difficult to swallow, as Obamacare attempts to roll out its insurance exchanges. Unless something changes before the first of Oct., 31 states are using the loophole provided courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing sovereign States to opt out from the program, shifting the burden from State tax dollars to U.S. taxpayers across the country. [...] 07/02