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  • Colleen Fulkerson

    WHY? -- Why does it seem like America is getting crazier with each passing year? It has become glaringly apparent that very deep corruption has taken root in our society from the lowest levels of society all the way up to the highest levels of society. In fact, some of the worst behavior of all is being exhibited by those that are supposed to be “examples” for our young people – politicians, bankers, lawyers, CEOs, etc. click to read entire article....

  • ♥ Beach Girl  ♥

    The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming The American Nightmare

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The reality of this just hit me in the face today. Wait until the other 300 employees hear the news. Not anti-healthcare… ANTI-OBAMACARE!!!

Fear Mongering...making people sheep for centuries. It is everywhere today with social media and sensationalism via our media. Be a free thinker. Determine for yourself what should cause you fear and give you pause, do not follow the pack.

"How To Destroy The West" - Vladimir Lenin (1923)

Gummy Bear Society... It needs foreign invasion, a bunch of Swedish fish, or gummy worms!

Deep Gratitude...I am so happy & grateful that the River of Life never stops flowing... It flows through me into lavish expression! I am blessed with divine financial abundance in my future. Infinite riches are flowing to me easily and effortlessly. Extraordinary Abundance is all around me, I AM surrounded with riches! THANK YOU... Abundance Now and Always... AND SO IT IS!

Something to think about this Thanksgiving: SNAP keeps millions out of poverty. |

I'm ignoring the caption and posting this for the implications of the shot itself. (I believe this rift is between Paula and those she hurt.) That said, a few months ago Paula Deen was very popular, and it was intensely challenging to find un-Photoshopped pictures of her anywhere. Now that people are angry with her, unretouched, unflattering photos of her are everywhere. Society's unspoken lesson seems to be "Good people are pretty and bad people have their beauty taken away."

Am making our own poster of this for our summer theme this year...

I'm so proud of you!!! You've stepped out on faith, it will always serve you well!! I believe in you!!!

Big browser is watching you by Rétrofuturs (Hulk4598) / Stéphane Massa-Bidal, via Flickr