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    WHY? -- Why does it seem like America is getting crazier with each passing year? It has become glaringly apparent that very deep corruption has taken root in our society from the lowest levels of society all the way up to the highest levels of society. In fact, some of the worst behavior of all is being exhibited by those that are supposed to be “examples” for our young people – politicians, bankers, lawyers, CEOs, etc. click to read entire article....

    Original pinner, you're a moron.

    Mass Fear

    5 Reasons I'm a Republican

    The reality of this just hit me in the face today. Wait until the other 300 employees hear the news. Not anti-healthcare… ANTI-OBAMACARE!!!

    URGENT UPDATE on Connecticut Shooting « Short Little Rebel... "Friends, there is a gift that God has given me: I can smell something fishy a mile away."...something to ponder ....what's really going on?

    "How To Destroy The West" - Vladimir Lenin (1923)

    RR: Youngest Obama Daughter's Real Name NOT 'Sasha', but Soviet/Russian 'Natasha'... How amusing it is then that the Obamas' last federal tax return revealed a fact not publicly known- that 'Sasha's actual legal name is 'Nastasha', which means 'birthday' in the language of the USSR. .. Of course it's a family tradition with Obama- after all, his parents met in Russian language class at University of Hawaii. And WHAT kind of people took Russian in America in 1961? Outside of CIA... [...] 12/16

    AMERICAN'S should not have 2 press "1" for English! Learn the language or LEAVE!

    ❥ deep gratitude

    In just three years Obama has emancipated 12 million former wage earners, adding them to the glorious Food Stamp program - that is a victorious 38% increase for a total of 44 million. No longer exploited for their labor, these men and women are free to live a sparse life without the stress of unnecessary choices, or the burden of supporting the decadent consumer society. They now can live a guilt-free life of government dependency...Yes, and I am afraid he will get all of these people votes..

    Found in the back of my Anthropology textbook. - Imgur

    This is so simple but think all of the time, energy, worrying we waste on thinking of the worst in every situation. Why is that the way so many live their lives?


    Words / Estee Lauder

    Freedom isn't's a rough road.