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The World’s Hottest Pepper Sauce Using Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolikia).

trinidad moruga scorpion pepper sauce

trinidad moruga scorpion pepper sauce (3)

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli Plants

5 Grams Dried Trinidad "Moruga" Scorpion Pepper - CAUTION: EXTREMELY HOT

I don't always drink milk but when I do... (Yes, I'm still 12 years old sometimes. Tehehe.)

If you are ever having a bad day.. Watch this. You will never have a bad day again.

This is how you eat a cake. You become the cake as it fills your spirit.

Watch an 80's movie ♥ they don't make them like that anymore... I make all these awesome BC and PIP references and no one gets it... NO ONE GETS IT