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Best bite from Luis Suárez you could ever play... #worldcup #fifa

CrossFit Problems

Porcelain skin. Of course she's a 10.

THE most accurate thing when it comes to soccer, except I do not text my coach.

Nailed it.

Son of a nutcracker!

story of my life.

The time they made you feel sorry for a person that doesn't even exist. | 32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever For Its Own Good

26 Reasons You Should Wish Your Best Friend Was Andy Dwyer From "Parks And Recreation"

Print wide neck sweater and leggings

Oh my gosh. This sketch was definitely the best of snl. Thank you Jimmy Fallon for ruining it, and by that I mean making it awesome.

You know it's true!



This is the whole point of marriage

Parks and Rec quotes | Parks and Recreation | Quotes.

23 Things you used to wear as a kid... 80s & 90s girls will all remember these.


And of course the brilliant quotes, hilarious character interaction, and ability to make you laugh till you pee and cry till you can't breathe...


Hahah love white chicks

this kid. he's definitely going places.