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Globes as a Chandelier

It's safe to say that globes, especially vintage ones, have made quite the appearance in interior decor including childrens' spaces. We've certainly seen some wonderful examples of globe collections and displays here at Ohdeedoh. But in the form of a chandelier?

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globe chandelier - I'd put this in a front entryway where there is a stairway. It will need a large space to hang in.

what a way to upcycle a globe :D just add mini mirror tiles - use coloured glass for a stained glass look

love the globe, map & liberty of london lampshades together. great combo!

Take a globe, cut a hole at the bottom and a smaller one up top (with a Dremel tool). You can then get the wiring at IKEA and just run it through the top

Mini buntings and a vintage spool AND a vintage globe?It's almost to cute for my cute-o-meter. Not really . . .that never happens. However, this is how I roll.

My parents had this and I loved plugging it in and making it glow :)

Vintage black globe table lamp, upcycled from antique copper lamp base.(sold on etsy)

diy globe lamp (apparently you take a vintage illuminated globe and peel off the map? directions are in swedish.)

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Hanging globes for either an office/travel room or as a mobile above a baby's crib. I also like whatever is going on in the background with the papers on the wall.

he sees the truck...TRUCK!!! he says.