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  • Jenniye Jensen

    Future children if mine... :)

  • Amber Gress

    I wish more parents thought like this!!! Teaching independence is a good thing:)

  • Taleria Palmer

    This is a good one! " I think people forget that the end goal in parenting is not to raise your kids to be great kids, it’s to raise them to be great ADULTS.".... This is seriously one of my fears for my future kids!

  • Caroline Marcarelli

    The author says it's not our job to raise happy children, but mature, responsible well rounded adults. Love this!

  • Luca Lashes

    How to not raise a #brat.... Number 8 is my FAV! #parenting #kids

  • Allyson McKinney

    how to not raise a brat.... this is a great blog...lots of good ideas! Wish I'd have had this help earlier in my parenthood days! (Not that my kids are brats...they turned out pretty good!) More parents need to read this!

  • Ally Echols

    This blog has lots of great lists about raising kids

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