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The truth is still the truth, and I will always speak it! Evil bitches are the ones who are living a lie...That's why they have to set you up on Fathers Day when they both know he hates his ex. Divorced for 23 years...Please move on evil bitch, he's married! Quit living a lie that you're getting back together because it would NEVER happen, even if I was not around. THAT'S A FACT!

Remember your empathy. Charles Dickens quote. "have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tries, and a touch that never hurts."

Photo, a fashion post from the blog Southern Charm, written by Morgan Miller on Bloglovin'.

I think that's great news! Definitely a step in the right direction. Good job. :) Anything that looks interesting/promising? Or not yet?

what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson

4 - Use this fun quote from Audrey Hepburn to inspire the title & theme of your next layout (or three). - 1 pt per layout

Why does this remind me of something Charlie Sheen would say? It's still awesome

Turning the Page is the Best Feeling

Remember the little things that can make a person smile, a picnic, a movie, or just time together can be just as wonderful as the big things you plan...

🌻 I will never loose sight of where my life is capable of going. Loving every minute

Striving to be the best Professor I can be in this moment... Just in case one of them is actually paying attention.

its starts from you, so believe what I know... you are amazing! After all I know you best and I see what you may not, so until you see it too, let me give you the words of encouragement you need, the hand to hold, and the shoulder to lean on! I love you both!