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If you give up today, think of how much you'll regret it 3 months from now, when you could be 15-20 pounds lighter.

please pardon the title. tight butt workout is better :) Going to add this to my workout routine! improve & perfect yoga practice #yoga #meditation #namaste #om #yogi #yogapose #ashtanga #asana

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Beat the binge, eating because you're bored vs eating because you're hungry. I'm good at distracting myself.

Anorexia Problems: You don't know what starving feels like, if you've never suffered with something like Anorexia Nervosa-how painful it is-Some people like to say stupid things like "i'm not eating so i can be skinny, or "i'm starving myself until i look like her" It's not cute-Pro-Ana and Thinspiration things offend me-They anger me-The fact that people can mock a serious disease like Anorexia-No one picks Anorexia-You can't "become it" Some people just develop it-It's not a choice

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Stop!! Are you really hungry? FREE Do This Instead of Snacking Printable

Do this instead of snacking :)) Unless you're really hungry.. Bc I just had a bowl of fruit.

This woman plans on keeping record of her results with the 100 workout plan for a month! Her first day! Sounds brutal haha

Daily Workout Plan- Can do @ home when it's ridiculously too hot to leave the house!

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50 Ways to Get Through Life's Rough Moments without Turning to Food

50 Ways to Get Through Life's Rough Moments without Turning to Food - Happy Food, Healthy Life