She's got a good attitude.

Ahhhh so beautiful, high attitude


The Official Site - Photo Gallery: Studio and rehearsal

Always dance like you can do this... no matter what it may look like to others, just dance with all your soul.

Moment in time

In the studio

those lines, the placement, the ease and the energy! Attitude to die for! So effortless and beautiful!


Just me adding dance ;

Strike a Pose

Even her standing leg/foot is perfect - Beautiful Arabesque!

#dancephotography #sopretty #everythingiwanttobe

i’m short of the others dreams of being golden and on top

This is so pretty! I'm so going to learn this!

gif Black and White ballerina ballet dance Dancer black and white gif jazz contemporany

Studio life. Awwww!

Studio life. Awwww!

New York City Ballet Principal Dancer, Megan Fairchild talking about pointe shoes.

"A beautiful, young ballerina, I just wish everyone would stop saying that these wonderful girls are to young to be on pointe."

Little ballerina: nice high passé

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Ballet enpointe without shoes in b


3 Fitness Hacks For Adult Ballet Students

Lordbyron44: Anna Sharovyova | A well traveled woman |

lordbyron44: Anna Sharovyova (A well traveled woman)

Anna Sharovyova (A well traveled woman)

at russian dance school, by rachel papo

Rachel Papo, Class Girls No.


The Australian Ballet principle artist Ako Kondo.