Awesome... Super cheap way to display LARGE images.

gallery wall

giant framing idea

Picture frame, run wire horizontally, hang ties, scarves


A reader was quite taken with our Royal Design Studio marquetry stairways in a recent San Diego Home & Garden magazine feature and we suggested artists Vicki Schultz & Julie Young for the project! Gorgeous results!

Family Photo Canvas Wall 4 Wall Display Ideas for Your Photos!!

type in a location, it generates a map in watercolor that you can print and frame.

Love the burlap and you can change pictures whenever!... You can get burlap sheets in the scrapbook section of hobby lobby.. $2

How to decorate shelves with fun pictures! Plus 100+ other ideas on decorating with pictures on

Engineer prints from Staples? Take your favorite picture into Staples and ask for an oversized print (they come in multiple sizes. They’ll make a copy right there for you, and the best part… it costs less than $5 for a print!

order print from Staples. $2.

family portrait time

How To Hang Picture Frames As A Collage - DIY Ideas 4 Home #pictureframes #hangingpictures #photocollage


use Michaels $5 12×12 frames ( I think they call them record album frames). Black and white photo’s, and you could even cut 12×12 scrapbook paper for the mat effects. @ Home DIY Remodeling

How cool is this?? A poster sized print for your wall for about $12.

Put fabric under glass of inexpensive picture frame to create a tray - cute for a bathroom.

Looks much better than pictures hanging w/ magnets - use dollar store frames, paint them and put magnets on the back.

A tried and true picture hanging method. Cut scrap paper to the size of the frame and mark the nail location on the paper. Using painter's tape, move the paper templates around the wall until satisfied. Then hammer the nail through the marks. Remove the paper template and hang!.... Genius!!!

LOVE THIS! "Time spent with family is worth every second" wall clock.