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  • christina blake

    JETOVATOR, - a revolutionary new watersports accessory that uses your existing personal water-craft to elevate you to heights you never thought possible. Combining the sleek body of a racing motorcycle with the aerial capabilities of a fighter aircraft, the JETOVATOR allows the rider to experience the thrill of flying with the ease of riding a bike. The intuitive controls allow first time riders to fly like professional pilots. Climb to heights of up to 30ft.

  • Murat Ozturan

    Maybe ask for my next birthday?!?

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underabove is a floating camera that takes two photos at once - one photo above water and one underwater.

UNDERABOVE is a dual-lens buoy-style camera that can take pictures of the underwater happenings and above the water happening, at the same time. The idea is to experiment and add more dimensions of picture taking while at sea. The clever design incorporates air in the top-half of the body and water in the lower half, to help it stay afloat. An LCD screen gives you a quick preview of the shots taken, and a timer facilitates self-portraits as well.

A new and exciting way to bust your ass. Welcome to the wild and wet world of the Water Hoverboard.

Water mat. You can lie on it, and play on it, tan on it, and it won't sink!

The Jet Capsule is a 7 Meters (23Ft) boat with a maximum width of 3.50 Meters (13Ft). Due to this proportions Jet Capsule it's more spacious than any other seven meters boat

The Flying Hovercraft - Hammacher Schlemmer

Prototype Hoverbike. Airspeed Vne - 150 KIAS (untested) Hover >10,000ft (est.) Dry weight - 110kg Max gross weight - 270kg Total thrust - 295kg Engine - 80kw @ 7500rpm

Flying Car - Last Sky Commuter Prototype in existence reaches eBay [Flying Cars:]

It uses the principle of gas balloons combined with propellers driven by a precision electric motor. This allows the Zipper to move very fast and silently in closed rooms without consuming a lot of energy. In addition, it is also very manoeuvrable: Zipper - flying indoor camera

A Botanicalls Kit, which lets plants connect to Twitter and tweet as soon as they need water.