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Build a Hunter’s Crossbow (Dec, 1953) From Modern Mechanix

#Prepper #Protection #Hunting - How to build a crossbow. I already know how to build a crossbow. My dad taught me in the early 70's.

Crossbow. Like modern Katniss lol

MAKE YOUR OWN CROSSBOW. I know it ain't much but who knows, maybe you guys might make some modifications of your own.


Mammen Axe - dynamite detail. This could be a weapon worthy of Ra(n)dbard, King of the Swedish colony in Russia circa A.D. 600. Radbard is the hero in AUDRA'S QUEST by Kim Iverson Headlee -- and purportedly an ancestor of her husband's ♥.

SIG 516 by c.swimm, via Flickr

Nordic Sax, a type of single blade knife, with beautiful carving details. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Viking Blog (copy/paste) elDrakkar.blogspo...)

Persian crossbow Picture (2d, illustration, fantasy, weapon, crossbow)

Venetian Stiletto. Cool thing, this. Might give someone a weapon like this to stab people with.

File Cabinet turned Gun Cabinet. It's a diversion safe. The walls are pretty thin on a file cabinet and I don't know how easy it is to lock it. Its strength is in people overlooking it.

Turanian Battle Axe think toms rubbing off on me XD