Single bed, model no.17, for the Lycée Fabert, Metz, Manufactured by Les Ateliers Jean Prouvé, France. 1935-1936 Literature: Peter Sulzer, Jean Prouvé: Œuvre complète / Complete Works, Volume 2: 1934-1944, Basel, 2000, p111, fig.534.2,3, p113, fig.536 for a brochure Galerie Patrick Seguin, Jean Prouvé, Volume 2, Paris, 2007, p354

Jean Prouve

Jean Prouvé; #450 Painted Sheet Steel 'SCAL' Bed, c1952.

Jean Prouvé - Cité armchair (red), c. 1933 Metal, leather and canvas

Jean Prouve

Bed, pillows, mattress, wood, books

Jean Dudon; Plexiglass Side Chair, 1968.

Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé

Herta-Maria Witzemann Rattan and Wire Dining Chairs | From a unique collection of antique and modern dining room chairs at

Jean Prouvé, #12 Cité Bed for Ateliers Jean Prouvé, 1949.

Jean Prouve

PHILLIPS : NY050314, Charlotte Perriand, Bibliothèque

Mabel Hutchinson, Day Bed, c.1955

Ateliers Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouve Compass desk (via


Reclaimed Teak Rocker

Waiting Chair on Beam LAIA by ALKI | Jean Louis Iratzoki