appreciate good people. they are hard to come by.

Kushandwizdom - Inspiring picture quotes

Kushandwizdom - Inspirational picture quotes

This is why I help people because I may be the only one. If you ever need me my kik is Carolyn_Wells. Stay Strong.

I didnt understand this until I was in my 40's. until bad stuff happened to me. It somehow made me realize how important it is to make people around me feel like they are worthwhile. seems so basic. how could I not have known? makes such a difference to people's day when someone makes them feel appreciated, cared about, worth making the effort for.

Your personality is what makes you beautiful life quotes sexy quotes quote smile life pretty personality life sayings

People are going to talk, whether you do bad or good.

Be good to people whether they deserve it or not. Good policy, hard to put into practice.

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

So incredibly true...

hard for most


Its ok to be hurt but be quiet about it because some people only wait for you to fall so they can be happy. "A"

If you find someone who makes poetry out of pain, let THEM go...after you get the poetry.


When hard times come, many people begin to doubt God's goodness. But troubles are just part of living in this imperfect world and He can use our troubles to grow our faith. When you don't understand, just TRUST that God is good- and that He always works for good in your life.

Very true.