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appreciate good people. they are hard to come by.

Be good to people whether they deserve it or not. Good policy, hard to put into practice.

Always. I'm always here to talk if you need to. It can be about anything, I'm always here. (scheduled via

Protect your space and circle. Invest in people you know will feed you just as much goodness as you do them. #wisdom #affirmations #inspiration / Embodied <3

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Actually feels good to see what people think of u and no response needed just keep it moving I am growing and it feels good everything doesn't need a response it's actually good knowing I have so much space rented out

I didnt understand this until I was in my 40's. until bad stuff happened to me. It somehow made me realize how important it is to make people around me feel like they are worthwhile. seems so basic. how could I not have known? makes such a difference to people's day when someone makes them feel appreciated, cared about, worth making the effort for.