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    Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets

    Beluga Blowing Bubbles by Hiroya Minakuchi via attackofthe cute. #Beluga_Whales #Bubble_Rings

    Humpback whales mommy with is "little" baby.

    Run kitty

    Humpback Whale Tail. By Stuart Westmorland


    Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher Photography. Raza bovina oriunda de África (Ankole-Watusi). #amazing #photo #áfrica

    Beluga whale

    I'd say, right place, right time - for the bird and the photographer ... not so for the fish.

    humpback breaching


    Funny pictures, funny gifs, funny quotes, etc... — How does the fox feel? ...

    beautiful photo, beautiful creatures #giraffes See our crossing of Africa blog at

    la baleine est la gardienne de l'histoire de la terre et de ses secrets. Les personnes ayant son énergie sont clairvoyantes, elles peuvent invoquer toutes les informations stockées dans l'univers. L'enseignement de la baleine porte sur les vibrations, langue originelle. Elle vous invite à trouver votre vibration personnelle, et à découvrir ce mode de communication et de guérison universel .

    Whale watching in Baja, Mexico

    If only I could read in his thoughts...

    Old Black And White Photography | black white photography 15 Stunning black and white photography (21 ...


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