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  • Cassandra Horan

    Simply Sweet Skin Softening Sugar Scrubs- Things you need: Coconut Oil Sugar Mason jar Essential Oils (optional) Things to do: 1. Melt coconut oil. Or, if you can’t find coconut oil, use olive oil which is just as beneficial for your skin although it does have a stronger scent. The amount of oil to use depends on how big a batch you want to make. 2. Pour in enough sugar to make a paste. 3. If you like, you can enhance the treatment with an aromatherapy effect by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil. 4. Pour the skin treatment into a clean glass jar with a secure lid. Scoop a bit out every day when you shower and rub it over the parts of your body that need help exfoliating like elbows, knees and feet. Unlike some home beauty treatments, which should be made in small batches and used immediately to avoid spoilage, this one keeps beautifully for months. You can make this a beautiful gift for a friend by pouring in into a mason jar. Decorate the jar with stickers or decoupage images to personalize it. Wrap the jar with a towel to protect the artwork as you pour the body scrub in. Tie some colorful ribbon or raffia into a bow and give your friend a gorgeous gift. Your body scrub can also be part of a beautiful home foot treatment that will leave you feeling pampered and your feet feeling (and looking) more lovely. Fill a foot bath (or large pan) with 1 part water and 1 part apple cider vinegar. Rinse any dirt off your feet first, and then soak your feet in the vinegar bath. The vinegar will cool hot, aching feet after a day of hiking or yard work in the summer sun. The vinegar will take the both the ache and the odor out of your feet, leaving them cool and refreshed. After soaking your feet for 5 minutes, rub the coconut oil-sugar exfoliant into your soles. Then soak the feet again in the vinegar for another 10 minutes. Have a towel handy to wipe your feet off afterward.

  • K A N G . E R

    Homemade scrub Coconut Oil/olive oil Sugar Mason jar Essential Oils (optional)

  • Kelly Scott

    Sweet Skin Softening scrubs from: Coconut Oil or Olive Oil, Sugar, Mason jar, Essential Oils (optional)...LOVE homemade body scrubs!!!

  • Courtney Wade

    DIY Coconut oil scrubs for better skin :Simply Sweet Skin Softening @Angela Gray Yearwood

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