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I HAVE to try this DIY by jen Inumerable Baker . I've always wanted to learn how to perfect Indigo Shibori Dying! These look stunning.

japanese indigo patchwork quilt. indigo by delores

I love the mix of shades and textures. And the feel of the piece. Very cool.

small shop: indigo dyeing techniques, batik, tie dye, Japanese shibori, block print, John Robshaw, ikat, dip dye

via Blueprint, 2010 by Jiseon Lee Isbara, USA. Hand stitched, dyed and inkjet printed, silk satin organza, 34.5 x 25 in

Noodle Indigo Tie Dye Bedding | Urban Outfitters

planned. But according to the transmission archives, those plans called for Darth Vader to arrive the next day.

indigo tie and dye by keri {**AWESOME...simply STUNNING!!**}

Daala's finger stabbed at the button connecting her monitor to that of her primary secretary. "What is happening?"

I'm so attracted to these indigo handmade fabrics. Their patterns are so organic and beautiful.

indigo from an antique kimono Neville Trickett on flickr