Indigo Dyeing.

Shibori 101

Indigo Shibori Dying!

// Lilies of the Valley // This stamp is incredible!

Shibori Dyed Clothes

Tie dye bleached shorts... these are awesome. and a book about Indigo


Fabric Manipulation with indigo dye, pleats & stitches for a cracked texture effect; creative textiles techniques

upstate tilden top

Natural Dye using the Sun - Red Cabbage -

Shibori Tutorial using a stitch resist & natural plant dyes to create textural patterns - fabric design; creative textile techniques; fabric manipulation // Victory Patterns

Shibori Trend: DIY Indigo Shibori Pillow

sashiko stitch

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Tie Dye

The Aestate: DIY Shibori with Indigo Dye Tutorial


Deep Blue | greige $489

Jessamity: Project: DIY Shibori Indigo Dying