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Fresh Flowers

Juliette | Vivienne Mok #photography | Magpie Darling 28 I love the thought of pressed flowers for a unique look!

flower shadows

"Hồi trẻ chúng ta luôn luôn coi nhẹ phần mở đầu, đến khi kết thúc lại đau đớn tê tái. Còn khi đã trưởng thành chín chắn, chúng ta có thể né tránh sự tổn thương ấu trĩ, nhưng cũng đã để mất đi dũng khí buổi ban đầu."

Some of my fondest memories were when I'd walk barefoot on grass and lie down in wild flower meadows and play in the long grass..

There are times when we just aren't okay. It doesn't help knowing it's temporary. Counting our blessings in those moments doesn't help either. It's one minute at a time rather than one day at a time. Breathing may be the best you can do. You don't need to be fixed. YOU AREN'T BROKEN. You're just going through a messy patch. You will find your way through it. You really always do.

flower bath

daydreaming | photo by i.anton


An ode to the Garden Rose. (Film photographer Ciara Richardson captured the dreamy romance of it all.)


“Dream Island”

Daisy's are good for anything, but best are daisy chains!

| black and white flower pic

flower child

Inspiring image tribal, pattern, gold, midi rings, tattoo, pretty #1499243 by lovely_jessy - Resolution 500x500px - Find the image to your taste

flower girl | sleeping | daisies | hippy | rest | meadows | sleep | hippie | boho | sweet |

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