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    Articulated silver fish with engraved scales

    Fish - Love these..

    Articulated silver beetle amulet

    An early 19th century enamel and diamond skull stick pin. Photo Philips de Pury & Co

    Hallmarked silver box in the form of an articulated fish with gemstone set red eyes. Hinged head and mouth open to hold trinkets or spices. ...

    Scales Neck Piece in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold by Jon M Ryan, USA. 2009.


    A 19TH CENTURY DIAMOND AND NATURAL PEARL TIARA. Of starbust form with single fancy coloured button pearl, rose and circular cut diamonds, gold back silver setting. Makers mark OR/FD/18. Circa 1890.


    Box in the Form of a Leopard’s Head, Benin Empire, 19th century The Brooklyn Museum

    These wooden  birds, carved inside World War II-era Japanese American internment camps, are a sampling of the artwork in “The Art of Gaman” by Delphine Hirasuna. The bird’s tiny legs were crafted from the surplus snipped off the wire mesh screens over barrack windows.

    Mary Greg Collection at the Manchester Art Gallery.

    Antique 19th century French wooden glove mold made from fruitwood. This hand is so well made and designed it looks like a piece of sculpture. Measures 19 and one half inches high. The thumb moves back and forth. Purchased in France many years ago.

    Wooden Fish

    Goti ~ Three String Staple Bracelet

    I like the simplicity, as well as the natural versus organic theme within the design.

    // Otto Künzli / wind up key collection

    Fish Prints ——

    Fish clutch from Nordstrom. For some reason for the last approx. 3yrs I've been collecting accessories of all kinds that are animals. Either an animal I really like or a cute version of one I kinda like. If the latter, better be a Great Deal!! ;-P xoxo